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Monday Night

 The Many Symptoms, One Solution Overeaters Anonymous Group meets every Monday evening at the Good News Fellowship Church located at 891 St. Mary’s Road, in the large meeting space found on the left as you enter the main doors.

There is a convenient parking lot available for those attending and the building is also within steps of a main bus route.  The location is wheelchair accessible.  A popular coffee shop can be found just north of the meeting location for those wanting to bring their own beverage.

Meeting time is from 7:00 – 8:00 pm and the door is unlocked at around 6:40 pm.  We have anywhere from 4 to 10 people usually attending, with some long-term members and sponsors present at most meetings.

Monday Night uses both The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous and the AA “Big Book” (Alcoholics Anonymous), completing one book and then beginning the next in rotation.  The first Monday of the month is usually either a speaker meeting (when one member shares his or her OA story) or a special topic meeting (Chair for that Monday chooses).

We are pleased to welcome newcomers with stories of our own experience as overeaters, the strength and hope we have found in OA, and the reading of Step 1 if we have time.

Our meetings are open to all and we would love for you to join us!

Tuesday Night

The Hands of Hope Tuesday night meeting first saw the light of day on March 26, 2002.

The meeting is held at Prairie United Church – 207 Thompson Drive in Winnipeg, just off Portage Avenue behind Underdogs restaurant. There is ample parking at night and the door we use to get in faces the parking lot. The room is of ample size for our meeting, is wheelchair accessible and is climate controlled. The group is well represented with an equal amount of men and women on most nights and is always excited when newcomers attend. The group rotates between two Big Book readings, a leader’s choice, and a literature meeting. Our meeting sees approximately 9-14 members on any given night with a good mix of newcomers and long timers, as well as a handful of members sponsoring at any given time. Please come by and see what our meting has to offer.

Wednesday Morning

Wednesday morning meetings are held in Osborne Village at Augustine United Church, entrance off River Ave at 109 Pulford St.

It is fully wheelchair accessible by a ramp outside these entrance doors. We meet in the room to the right of the big staircase, and there is always an OA welcome sign on the door to this room.

Starting at 7:30 a.m., we end promptly at 8:30 for those on their way to work. This meeting has a long history, having been started February 2,1994.

For the most part we read & study the Big Book.  At the 1st of the month meeting, we have recently starting reading/studying the AA 12 Steps & 12 Traditions.

 At those meetings, if  there is a member who wishes to lead the meeting with a Topic, we will change to that format for that first Wednesday

Average attendance is 8 with a majority of them being Sponsors. We are close to many major bus routes and free street parking is available on River & Pulford until 9 am.

Thursday Night

We are located at Good News Fellowship, 891 St Mary’s Rd, in the Kid Venture room.  The doors are unlocked at 6:45 pm and then locked at 7:15 pm.  There is a parking lot right outside the building.  The building is on the #14 bus line, and there is a coffee shop nearby if you want to bring your own beverage.

The meeting runs from 7 pm-8 pm and is wheelchair accessible.

We typically have 4-8 members but hope this new location will attract more members.  We have a strong core group that has long term recovery.  Our meeting focuses on one step each month, and we rotate weekly between the OA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, AA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, and a member’s choice daily reader.  One meeting a month is a member’s choice topic for discussion.  If we have a newcomer, we are excited to share our stories and hear what brought them to our meeting, and then spend time answering questions.  This can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to the entire hour.

Our meeting is a closed meeting, which just means that we would only like to have people who think they may be compulsive with food, or who know they are.  It also means if you are joining us on Zoom we need you to say hello and identify yourself for our member’s cyber safety.  Our meeting is a safe place to share openly about your food compulsion(s).

Saturday Morning

After over forty years at our former spot, in September 2018 our group moved to our new location at John Black Memorial United Church at 898 Henderson Highway at Roberta Avenue in East Kildonan. Since the change of address we are no longer able to offer coffee or tea, so please feel free to bring your own beverage.

Our meeting starts at 10:30 and typically runs until 11:40 am. We meet in the small chapel on the main floor which is to the right as soon as you enter at the Roberta Avenue entrance. We are wheelchair accessible with a ramp outside for access. However, the only washrooms are six steps up or accessible by elevator.

Our group typically has 10-15 members attending, but the room will accommodate more. We use the OA 12 and 12 book for our meeting format, rotating weekly through two weeks of steps, one week on a tradition and then a leader’s choice meeting. If a newcomer attends, we change to a Newcomer Meeting format. Our meeting is open to all.

We usually have two-three sponsors available, but also have members who have attended for many years.

We are on the main bus line and street parking is available on Saturdays on both Henderson and Roberta.

Sunday Morning

Information to come!