7th Tradition

Every OA ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. According to the Seventh Tradition Pamphlet it says; “How much is your recovery worth to you? Give to keep our Fellowship thriving. Our Seventh Tradition states that Overeaters Anonymous “ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” While no fees or dues are required for membership, OA members have a […]

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Find a Meeting

Due to Provincial requirements meetings are being held online only. Click our CALENDAR LINK for meeting information. Please take a few minutes to “get to know” our meetings. Monday Night  The Many Symptoms, One Solution Overeaters Anonymous Group meets every Monday evening at the Good News Fellowship Church located at 891 St. Mary’s Road, in the large meeting space found on the […]

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To the Newcomer

http://oaheartofcanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/OA-2.mp4#t=,10 Welcome to Overeaters Anonymous! To start, not sure if OA is for you? Take this handy quiz.  If you have answered “yes” to several of those questions, then come to a meeting near you. You might be a compulsive overeater. What to Expect at an OA Meeting (From OA.Org – https://oa.org/newcomers/how-do-i-start/what-to-expect-at-an-oa-meeting/) Hear the recovery of OA members for yourself, listen and […]

Everyone is welcome

Welcome to OA Heart of Canada

Covid-19 UPDATE

 All meetings are using Zoom format to connect with each other. Check out our Calendar page!  You can also contact us by phone, email or our Facebook page. 

OA Heart of Canada Intergroup Vision

The Overeaters Anonymous Heart of Canada Intergroup is an inspired team working together to carry the message of recovery throughout Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

OA Heart of Canada Intergroup Mission

The Overeaters Anonymous Heart of Canada Intergroup is a self-supporting partnership of Overeaters Anonymous groups in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario organized for the purpose of 12-Step work beyond what is possible for any single group. Intergroup members are recovered trusted servants who carry the message of recovery to those who still suffer.
OA Heart of Canada is located in Region 4 of Overeaters Anonymous . They are made up of all the groups and intergroups in Illinois [except the Chicago area], Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, Northwest Ontario, and Nunavut Territory, Canada. It is one of ten regions organized to serve communication between groups and intergroups within and between each region and OA worldwide. If any group or intergroup needs assistance, they are here to help. For more information, click onto the link. Region 4
Privacy Policy: Overeaters Anonymous Heart of Canada is for use only by those who believe they are compulsive overeaters. We will always maintain personal anonymity for those who are maintaining the website and for those that visit. Please respect the anonymity of any information that you have collected from this site. Please email us at oa-heart-of-canada-intergroup@googlegroups.com for any questions or any information that you may need.