Location and Time


Each member of the OA Heart of Canada Intergroup helps make decisions that affect the OA groups in this region – and that means YOU. We all need to work together. At intergroup, important issues pertaining to the OA Heart of Canada Intergroup, and the program as a whole are discussed. Each group is encouraged to elect/assign a representative to attend the monthly Intergroup meeting on behalf of its members. The reason is simple: we want to ensure that we all have some way of participating in the decision-making process. Remember that this is YOUR Intergroup and you have a voice.

Although we encourage each group to send a representative, all OA members are welcome to participate in our meetings.

Intergroup Location and Time

Intergroup has decided to have meetings at Winnipeg Group Meetings.

These are the dates and places as of now:

December 2, 2019, Good News Fellowship, from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. After the Monday Many Symptoms, One Solution meeting.